Taking part in a karate tournament can be exciting and at the same time very intimidating. You will have to perform in front of a huge crowd and that’s something to be nervous about. But the biggest fear is impressing the black belt holder judges who will be sitting there to judge your performance.

Be fit

You should be fit and healthy before the match. Make sure that you don’t run out of breath during the competition. For this, you need to do regular exercise and boost your stamina. You need to do breathing exercises to help you stay focused on the tournament.


The more you practice before the tournament, the better you will get at it. So, you need to practice your strategies and techniques and demonstrate them in front of small audiences like your friends or coach. That way you will feel more confident performing at the tournament.

You should go to your karate classes in the nearby karate centre. When you go to karate classes, your coach will teach you the right techniques. He can work on your weaknesses and help to improve your performance. When you practice with others, your confidence level will also increase.

Be mentally prepared

You need to carefully observe the moves of your opponent during the tournament and come up with an appropriate strategy to defend it. So, you should be calm and focused. You must be ready to take on any challenge.

Take control

By initiating attacks, you take control of the situation. For this, you need to practice a few techniques repeatedly so that they come out automatically when required.

Never give up

No matter how strong your opponent may be, you should never give up. You should always defend yourself and approach with the best technique. You must try to perform at your best at the tournament.

You should be well prepared for the tournament, so that you can give your best performance there. Even if you don’t win, you won’t feel bad if you give a good fight.