Karate lessons are great for self-defense. Moreover, it has both physical and mental benefits. There are countless reasons why you should join a karate class. The good news is that there are many good online karate classes available that you can join. Here we discuss a few of them.

Karate Academy Online – Accelerated Black Belt Course

It is one of the best black belt training courses available online. After you complete this course, you will become a black belt holder and can participate in different karate competitions. They provide both written and video course materials.

The course has been developed by Sensei Mark Roscoe. You can do the course according to your own pace. This course is appropriate for those who are familiar with karate and has done a few courses before.

By taking these classes you will have physical and mental development. They have a specific training plan according to the type of belt and you will slowly move towards a black belt as you progress. It will take about a year to complete the program.

Global Martial Arts University – Shotokan Karate Stance Practice Class

This class teaches the ‘stance’ technique that is needed to earn advanced belts. The course is appropriate for beginners. You will learn about the importance of stance and know how to improve your leg strength. You will get video tutorials to learn various karate techniques.

Udemy – Get My Black Belt Part 1 and Part 2

This course will help you to get the orange and black belts. The course materials are detailed, and you can access them 24/7 and throughout your lifetime. So, you can always go back to the lessons and practice more. In this course, you will learn both basic and advanced techniques. Eventually, you will progress towards earning your black belt.

Knowing karate can make you confident and this will be reflected in your professional life as well.